So, what do YOU do?

Is usually one of the first questions you’re asked when you meet new people. It’s great if you have a career, one that’s set out for you; you’re able to define it, and even if you plan on changing it, it’s still something you’re able to put words to and that people are interested in.

I never knew what I wanted to do. And that feels almost like a handicap nowadays. I’ve always loved studying, going to University, learning new things, and having a schedule. I loved organizing my homework, working hard for something to which I can see a result.

I admire those who’ve always known what they wanted to do in life. Some went to school, spent time doing an apprenticeship or internship or training on the job afterwards, and off into the work world. Others had always known that they wanted to become a doctor, a banker, an accountant, a pilot, a police officer, a lawyer. I never knew… and to be honest, I still don’t.

The job seems to be what ultimately defines you to the outside world – to the ones who don’t know you yet, in order to get a better of picture of what kind of personality you have. You’re an actor – great: you’re versatile, know what it means to make something out of nothing, and know how to improvise. You’re a flight attendant – you probably like travelling, working with people, and languages. Car sales person – don’t become a car sales person!! Those are the stereotypes that come to mind. But what if you’re none of that?


If you don’t IMG_2634identify with any of those set definitions, what does that make you? I can tell you that it doesn’t make you feel comfortable in a circle of strangers laying out your job description. It’s difficult to assess how much you want to present out in the open without explaining how everything came about.

I studied to become a translator. I love translating, playing with words and languages. I had a job as a personal assistant before. I was a trainer at the gym. I interned as a teacher twice, and worked for a local newspaper. I have a license in personal training, nutrition and life coaching. A BA in communications, an MA in translation, job experience working at a movie theater, a video store, another office, a gas station and one day at a Burger King. So who am I?

Maybe no one that you can define off the bat. But that’s ok. Since I started this blog and writing is my ultimate passion, I guess I could also be a writer. But I’m not a working writer. I’m also a passionate photographer, but just recently picked up this “hobby” and hope to take it to another level eventually. Does that make me a personal writographer? An office photo-trainer? A transwritionist? “Hi, nice to meet you – I’m a strange hybrid without a definition” – Let me just add that to my LinkedIn account.


Or maybe I’m just someone who doesn’t need or want a definition. I want to stay curious, explore as many corners, facets and versions of this world as possible: I want to be happy, like most people, and make a good living by doing what I love. But what I love has so many definitions that one answer is just not going to cut it. So from now on, if anyone asks what I do, I’ll just have to improvise.

Living without a definition is hard when you first meet people, but lovely when you have so many choices and opportunities. The ones who want to stick around for the further explanation of the “you” beyond the superficial definition are the ones who are worth it. So, for now, I’ll just be work in progress and a working indefinable.

Stay curious!

(#My500Words Day 6)


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