Famous Movie Houses in LA

I’ve been looking forward to taking today’s trip for a while. And I was really counting on some rain (I know – you wouldn’t normally wish for it), but the gloomy weather would add a bit more mystery to today’s theme. I did some research and planned a trip around LA to visit famous movie houses that I’ve always wanted to see. Originally, it was supposed to be only scary or horror movie houses, but they’re more spread out and will have to wait until next time (but I will do it- promise!).

I decided to keep most photos in black and white just to add to the mystery.

I started today’s round in Brentwood, where the original house from ALF (remember the little alien from Melmak?) is located. It’s on Moreno Ave. – which came to be my favorite street in all of LA to this day. It’s just your all American avenue, little trees lining the sides of the street, neat little driveways, almost no fences. If you dream the American dream – you would think of this street! Unfortunately, the original ALF house was torn down in 2012.

This is what ALF’s house 2.0 looks like:

Alf House_new

It was a bit disappointing to see that the previous house doesn’t exist anymore, but looking at the new one, it’s clear why.

My next stop was the house from American Beauty (remember the house on “Robin Hood lane? The house with the red door?”). Well, it looks exactly like in the film, except it doesn’t. See for your yourself:

American Beauty House_1

American Beauty House_2

Notice how the house itself looks the same, but the perspective is completely different? In the movie, the lawn looked so much wider, and there also was a fence. (I loved the fact that the owners are keeping the plant-theme though – take a look at the plants!) In TV shows mostly, but also in movies, they use what is called “forced perspective”. It employs optical illusions to make an object or a person appear to be farther away, closer, larger or smaller than the original. Another way to burst your TV and movie bubble: it really is all a big lie! But the red door here is still the same.

After my first Hazelnut latte (Starbucks got my name right this time! Yeih!), we’re zipping over to Beverly Hills to visit the Witch’s House. It’s covered in a number of silver screen adaptations, such as this one (Clueless, when Cher had her mental breakdown and goes for a walk through her neighborhood). And it really looks the same in real life. I’m absolutely loving this house:

Witch's house_1

It even has a little warning sign:

Witch's house_2

A little crow at the entrance:

Witch's house_3

And a bridge across its very own pond:

Witch's house_4

We have more to see, so unfortunately, we can’t stay. We’re moving on to our own little Nightmare on Elm Street (located in West Hollywood).

And this is the *cough* ugly *end cough* truth in reality:

Nightmare on Elm Street_House

It’s also not what you would expect from the movie, but I’m happy it still exists. Lighting, circumstances, story-line, and music score add to the overall perspective big time! The neighbor’s dog also barked at me, and although this neighborhood is still kind of pretty, I don’t feel that it has good vibes… Maybe it’s the street:

Nightmare on Elm  Street_Street

I guess that would make this street Elm Street… Which lived up to its name then.

Next up are two houses that are almost next to each other: The Thriller House from Michael Jackson’s famous music video, and the Charmed house from the TV series Charmed, both located on Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights.

The real deal… pretty accurate:

Thriller House

And a close-up:

Thriller House 2

And a bit further down the road, we have the Charmed house:

Charmed House

We’re almost done. We have one more house for today, and it’s a killer… literally. From American Horror Story Season 1, here’s the Murder House:

American Horror Story

American Horror Story_1

With lots of props, lighting, and wonderful actors, this house doesn’t need all too much to be creepier in reality.

So there we are. It was a perfect trip to take on a Sunday morning. Keep in mind, these are private homes and you may not trespass at any time if you ever think of visiting them yourself. I will definitely do another trip with only horror movie sights, but add the according soundtrack to make it more mysterious and maybe take that trip some time in October ;).

Let me know if you’re looking for a particular house or area, I’ll try to find it and post it here.

(#My500Words Day 14)


2 thoughts on “Famous Movie Houses in LA

  1. Outstanding account and a wonderful review.
    ALways wanted to know if the Adams Family house is still there from the original 60’s TV series. :)


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