Dusting off the 90’s

It’s the middle of the week and I found myself watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and listening to Paula Abdul. I brought the 90’s back. Maybe I’m approaching my mid-life crisis quicker than I thought. I realized how peculiar and defining it is for each generation to have their “thing” and to mock younger generations by recounting old stories and excluding them while saying “oh, you’re too young to understand”. Now the time has come for our generation to do the same – with the 90’s. And man, what a great time it was! See if you can remember some of these 90’s perks (there may be differences between Germany and the US, but most of them should be *NSync… get it?!)

1. Tamagotchi

I remember the times I traveled overseas with my parents. Overseas meaning the US – I grew up in Germany. We stayed at a hotel in Florida and I got up at 3 in the frickin’ morning in order to feed my stupid screaming Tamagotchi. I even remember the sound it made and how panicked I was when it died. I got another one… it died too. In total, I remember having three, but the first one was dearest to my heart.


2. Clueless

Still the Beverly Hills bible of today – Cher ruled. She had complete power over her family (her father), her friends, she was the star of her High School and rocked every outfit. I remember being so jealous of her hair and rotating closet, which was linked to a computer that could approve or deny her outfit selection. I was so sure that this would become a thing.

3. My so-called life

Like so many other teens, I identified with Angela Chase and fell in love with Jordan Catalano, a fictional high school boy who had repeated the 11th grade twice and was played by Jared Leto. He was handsome, cool, one or two French fries short of a happy meal, but very appealing for some reason. This made the 90’s girl completely relate to Angela when she finally turned him down when he came to his senses.

4. AOL

I lived with my mom and stepdad in a nice house in Columbia, Connecticut. We had one computer (like most families at the time) and the router (was it a router even back then?) crackled every time someone would connect to the internet. You could initiate the connection and then calmly make yourself a cup of tea while you wait. There was even a possibility to chat – but you only had about an hour or two a day because everyone wanted to go online and there were no flat rates yet (Wi-Fi: LOL).

5. E-cards

Which brings me to the greeting card – I remember sending and receiving a lot of them in the late 90’s. Most of them were to and from my former boyfriend(s), others from just friends, family members overseas, and myself to test how they would look if I actually sent them. There was always a nice melody that would go along with it – the butterfly, the flower or the witty cartoon character with a one-liner. It always got the message across.

6. Titanic

How often did I sit by my window, wishing on a falling star to bring me someone like Jack in Titanic. I listened to Celine Dion’s soundtrack and my heart still sinks when I hear “Neeeearrr, faaarrr, whereeeever you are”. I was madly in love with a boy at the time (not sure if it was the same as from the Greeting cards… probably not), and the movie just made everything so much worse. I’m still not sure if I can watch it without falling into a deep depression.

7. Mixtapes

How many mix tapes did I actually make that had an introduction to the next song from a radio host on it? I always seemed to miss when to stop or pause the recording, which makes it more interesting now, but at the time, was extremely frustrating. Especially when they stopped the song half way through. Most tapes even had the same songs on them, in a different order of course, but it’s the soundtrack of the 90’s.

8. Magic eye

We were all sitting in class, holding that stupid book directly to our noses. We looked like idiots. I’m sure some of us have ended up cross-eyed just because of this phenomenon. Nothing magic about that. It determined who was able to look “beyond” what is there – some of us kept saying “I don’t see a thing” and other found the jumping dolphins in the middle of the picture. That’s the only thing I remember – not sure if it was a manifestation of our levels of intelligence. I hope not.

9. Prehistoric crabs (Urzeitkrebse)

I know that this was a typical German thing. We had a comic book in the 90’s called “Yps”, which came with neat accessories each month (or bi-weekly? I don’t remember). One of those accessories were prehistoric crabs that came in a little jar. You were supposed to put them in water and feed them regularly, then they would develop into little crabs. I’m not sure what was prehistoric about them except that they smelled badly and once they came to life, they just looked like miniature swimming spider crabs, but it worked. Not for long, but I’d try that again any ol’ day.

10. Romeo and Juliet

Another movie that makes me cry – mostly because I got my first “real” kiss during that movie. The soundtrack is still one of my favorites and the story has always been my #1. So this one carries a huge load of nostalgia for me.

This was my top 10 out of at least 100 things I loved about the 90’s. Thanks for bearing with me on this little trip – feel free to add to the list. Now let me retire to my rocking chair and knitting equipment as I drift to sleep watching the X-Files.

90's teenage me :)
90’s teenage me :)

(#My500Words Day 17)



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