Story of your life in 250 words or less

I was told it was a sunny September Saturday (never start with cacophony) in Germany and I just barely made it to the hospital.

Growing up in a small town, I played tennis and basketball, met my friends after school and never minded staying in and entertaining myself on rainy days.

At 14, I moved from Germany to Connecticut with my parents, continued playing tennis and learned a new language… or three. I lived the High School life I had always dreamed of and witnessed on TV – the lockers were the best. Strange! We moved again and I changed High Schools. I ran my first track meet and became a cheerleader while working at a Blockbuster and a movie theater.

I studied Psychology for a year before going back to Germany – where they put me back in 10th grade because the German school system did not validate American High School diplomas. I dropped out, worked at a gas station and a Burger King, went back, got my degree, and started studying.

I moved to Spain where I once sat through an 11-course meal for 5 hours (everything with mushrooms) and was brought home in a grey Ferrari.  After three years, I got homesick and moved back to Germany- different town though. I fell in love, fell out of love, finished my BA in communications and my MA in specialized translation, got my degree in fitness training and had the opportunity to move to Los Angeles.

I fell in love with this city, meet new people regularly, and love my Sunday routine talking to mom while we have coffee.

In a nutshell. Minus the drama.


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