Come with me!

I’m in the travelling mood today – and I’d like to take you with me. So grab your passport!

There are so many countries to be visited, flavors to taste, landscapes I can’t wait to see, and people I’m curious to meet.

Since we’re already here (yes, you and I), we’ll start in Los Angeles and go straight to Seattle. We’d have a coffee at a shore-side café, and watch the fishermen head out to sea as the rain beats down on the shop window. Our rain coats and scarfs keep us warm while we start talking about what awaits us on this adventure.

We would head over to Vancouver, Canada and visit some movie sights I’ve read about (and perhaps I should read about a couple more while we’re already there). Next, we would make our way over to Alaska. I’ve been there before and it’s a State that mesmerized me. We go whale watching and walk on a Glacier (if they still exist by the time we get there). And the seafood – oh, the seafood.

Let’s take a picture of “The Bean” at Millenium Park in Chicago and inline skate along the river… My big sister used to do that when she lived there. One morning at her apartment, she made vegetable juice for the both of us – my first time tasting beet root in juice form. I’d totally do it again.

As a last stop in the US, of course we’d go to New York… again. The city has it all and I’d like to feel it… again. Jogging through the streets in the morning (I understand if you want to sleep in – I’ll get some coffee and warm  breakfast on my way back), ice skating on a frozen central park lake and standing in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (home alone, anyone?)… I always associate NYC with Christmas shopping because it’s what I did with my family when we lived in Connecticut. There’s no place like New York in December.

I’ve never been to Puerto Rico and would want to visit the Camuy River Cave Park. I know so little about PR and would like to know more – about the people, its culture and food. Let’s go swimming!

Costa Rica is up next. We’ll go and visit the wildlife reserve, bathe in the Montezuma waterfalls (without the revenge – please!) , and walk along the bridge in Monteverde. And have a banana. Is that a thing? Is it prejudiced? Doesn’t matter –Let’s have a banana in Costa Rica.

The Angel Falls in Venezuela look like the most peaceful place on earth. No words necessary, just collecting ourselves here and getting ready for the next adventure.

River boat tour on the Amazon River in Manaus, Brazil: Hearing undisturbed sounds of animals you’d never even dreamed of, seeing plants in their untouched habitat and taking it all in. This place looks like it smells great (weird, I know, but as you know, I have a thing for smells)…

Rio, Brazil – the picture my mom took in front of Christ the Redeemer – let’s reenact that. And do something crazy with it. And then enjoy ice cold caipirinhas by the beach, feet in the sand.

We’ll watch professionals dance a Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And a soccer game at the stadium. We have to watch soccer in Argentina! I’ve only seen penguins at the zoo, so a visit to Tierra del Fuego in the South and seeing them in real life would be more than I could ever ask for.

Off to Europe – first stop would be Italy. Although I’ve been there, I haven’t been to Venice and would like to sit in a gondola, being driven down the river. We’d end the day with an original Italian dish and wine, gazing over the river which looks like it’s drowning the houses in its calm power.

London, UK – I’ve been there many times, but since we’re travelling the world in our heads, let’s revisit. The last time I was there was for a class trip – we all got insanely drunk on our first night and I started speaking Spanish (I did not know how to speak Spanish at the time). That time can’t be relived, but a walk along Piccadilly Circus, a picture with a Buckingham Palace guard and original earl grey tea have got to be in the cards.

Digging back in my family history, I’d want to take you to Warsaw, Poland, next. My grandparents on my dad’s side are from there and fled to Germany during the war. I’m not sure what I’d visit there, but just being at a place where my family lived at one point, is worth it. Of course that means I’d revisit Vienna. My mom’s side of the family is from there, so let’s make a stop and enjoy some Schnitzel, Sachertorte and Apfelstrudel (I so need to learn how to make Apfelstrudel!) .

It’s getting colder (again), and since it’s Christmas time (bear with me), we’re going to see Santa Claus Village in Finland. There is an actual Santa Claus Village. Who wouldn’t want to go there?

Moving over, the Northern Lights viewed from Sweden are something I always wanted to witness. If I see those, I know I’ve seen close to everything in this world. It must be magical.

Completing the trifecta, we’d go to Norway and visit the Tundra… another place that looks like you can do absolutely nothing there, but it’s just peaceful. I read a book about a girl who grew up with wolves in the tundra (I think it was in Russia though)… Why not, while we’re there?! Who knows what we’ll discover… in the tundra…

Moscow, Russia. Basilica… Yes?

Tibet. Monks (Brad Pitt?)

Let’s walk on the Great Wall of China. We’ve all heard stories that it’s visible from outer space – not sure if it’s true, but it must be very humbling. Weirdly enough, Asia is a continent that never attracted me much. Still, I’d want to visit at least once to validate for myself that it’s ok to not be attracted to a particular country or continent. Or to be convinced by the opposite.

Getting a massage in Bali – very eat, pray, love, but sounds fantastic. The masseuse hitting the gong while removing the hot stones from your back, and you get to enjoy hot tea to sweat out all the toxins in your body. Bliss!

I’ll take you to Sydney and Melbourne next. We have to see a kangaroo! And watch someone play a didgeridoo (preferably not my stepdad… he loves the didgeridoo)!

I’ve been to Africa before: Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe. I’d like to visit South Africa again and go to Cape Town instead of Jo-burg. Although I liked Johannesburg (a lot of people don’t, but they say it’s because they compare it to Cape Town, and apparently, there is no comparison). I’d like to validate that.

Coming back to the US, we’d make a quick stop at the Grand Canyon (probably not because this has been an insane trip so far –but, let’s keep it on the list).

The tour would end in Los Angeles. But not before a final trip to Hawaii. I visited Maui with my parents when I was 14. I’d like to see it again as an adult, or perhaps visit another Hawaii island. Let’s get lei’d (hah – get it?!), and have a Mai Tai while watching the sun set.

So many countries, so much food, so many people, so much to see, feel, experience. I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Come with me!

  1. Lovez this journey!! Thank you for taking me ~~
    I have a nice time ….in my mind…. !!
    Hopefully this will become reality someday…..


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