Life is like a Hurricane

Here in duck burg.

Remember that one? I was just reminded of the theme song to Ducktales when TV Land rudely reminded me that I can no longer get up at 6 am on a Sunday, cuddle up on the couch with my cereal and watch cartoons for hours straight. Because the cartoons today are flat-out garbage (imho).

I remember one morning, I even made it before 6 am. It was a Saturday. I heard the wooden steps of our house creak right after I had turned on the TV. It was my dad. I knew I overdid it. He just came in and snatched the remote away from me, ordering me back to bed. So I waited an hour (in my imaginary cape). And returned back downstairs. I cannot miss Captain Planet! How is he going to save the world without me – TV girl (the power of square eyes and complete support in front of that screen when the sun wasn’t even up).


And the Jetsons. Oh, the Jetsons. I always wanted one of those flying cars. And a husband like George… not really, he’s kind of scrawny and a push-over… Not even for the flying car.

The Rescue Rangers were my absolute heroes. We knew them from Donald’s adventures – the little chipmunks who constantly made the famous duck’s life a bit more difficult. Genius Disney! In Germany, their names were not Chip and Dale, but A-chipmunk and B-chipmunk (the latter being the one with the red nose and the scruffy fohawk). In the Rescue Rangers, we renamed them Chip and Chap. I guess Dale was not good enough.

Goof Troop!!! Remember that? I completely fell in love with Goofy when the Goofy movie first aired in 1995. I think I watched it in 96 though. And I was well past my childhood years. I had entered the critical teenage phase, but Goofy was always there. This may explain everything…

The theme songs to all these shows, as you may have noticed, are very repetitive. Of course they summarize the gist of each show, but are mainly made to sing or hum along and remember. (Pinky and the brain brain brain brain).

These cartoons, along with many many TV shows, were the root of all the love I have for the US. I know, a complete illusion. But as many movies premiers, show recordings and behind-the-scenes events I’ve been to, I refuse to give up on finding the magic I still believe in.

I think the one that has stuck with me the most and will always evoke memories and emotions is the theme song to the Rescue Rangers. And Ducktales. They were all part of a great time – when all your cares in the world seemed to be what you will do with your day once the clock strikes 11. News time. No more cartoons. I guess we’ll fight for what’s right, whatever we do… gummy bears :) (don’t even pretend you’re not singing along in your head).

I know what I’ll be doing this Sunday… in this crazy town full of loony toons… Might solve a mystery or rewrite history. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy the memories.


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