Off the Bridge (A Ghost Hunt)

In an attempt to get closer to rediscovering my inner spookiness, I stumbled upon the Supernatural Investigation Unit (S.I.U.) of Los Angeles. They hosted an event called the “Colorado Street Bridge Ghost Walk”. I could not have been more excited – I’ve been wanting to visit the bridge for a while (not to jump obviously, but to witness its eerie presence and what may lurk beneath).

Meeting point was the abandoned Army Reserve in Pasadena, right next to the Colorado Street Bridge. We signed in, releasing Adam and Robert (the experts and our guides) from anything that may or may not happen (to us). The 20 hunters became mere shapes in the safety of darkness, which made the entire experience more anonymous and mysterious.

We set out to the bridge, taking a small trail through the woods (I love woods). Some of the hunters were armed with professional equipment, infrared cameras, audio apps, and experience that showed they had done this before. I had my phone and a flashlight (which they advised to bring). If you are not equipped to ghost hunt, the S.I.U. does provide everything for you!

We shone our flashlights and cameras left and right, missing the occasional rock on the ground (thank goodness we signed those papers – keep your eyes akimbo) before we arrived at our first stop: beneath the Colorado Street Bridge. “It’s estimated that close to 200 people have jumped to their death at this location”, the S.I.U. website informs. Adam set up a device that detects electromagnetic activity and lit two candles in a spot where there have been reports and witnesses to supernatural activity. We, the hunters, were encouraged to ask spirit any questions, and witnessed a spike on the detector every once in a while.

I had only done a little research on the topic, but enough to creep me out and make this experience worth my money. The session was recorded, so that we could later pay attention to any perhaps previously unheard answers. We were also able to wander off and explore for ourselves, which we did, however always under the watchful eye of our leaders (and some shadows that made me think I’ve gone completely mad).

Our next stop was located across the dried up river, where Adam this time recorded questions and answers with a different device (I believe it was an EVP recorder) – it sounded like it had picked up a Chinese store person’s walkie talkie frequency, but certainly there were voices interacting with us. Looking up into the dark branches, it felt extremely unsettling to know that people had not only jumped to the very bottom where we were standing, but hung from a tree close to us.

The next stop was a small pond where a boy had supposedly drowned decades ago. Our guides told stories of what has happened on previous investigation excursions while simultaneously letting us use Dowsing Rods to detect any supernatural activity. Again, we asked spirit questions and received a few answers.

Photo property of S.I.U. :

We would walk up to the first level of the bridge itself – for me, the most disturbing place. Nothing shocking happened, but it was simply the anxiety that this exact spot gave me – it didn’t feel right. We crossed the bridge and descended on the other side, gang- and other graffiti decorating the crumbled bridge walls. I was relieved to return to “the other side” – I’ve rarely felt this uneasy in any place in LA.

It was dark!
It was dark!

The event ended with us walking back up to the Army Reserve (free street parking), taking group pictures and able to ask questions (the guides, not spirit). To me, this was an overall great experience – it’s affordable, not over the top, the experts know their stuff and take the time to answer questions and talk about their past experiences.

If you want to know more, look them up at

The next S.I.U. event is on Friday, July 31 at 9 PM. It’s another Ghost Hunt at the Colorado Street Bridge ($17 in advance or $20 cash in person). They also have regular excursions to the “Devils Gate” – more info on their website. Happy Hunting!


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