A season journey

“When did you want to leave?”

“Right away. I’m packed, I’ve planned everything and I’m… ready.”

“Where do you want to go first?”

I wish I could say: To that place far, far away. An island that has it all: Four corners. Spring, summer, fall, winter. You can switch to whichever season you desire. The mountains in the winter corner would always have fluffy white snow so that it never hurts when you try your best at skiing. The river in spring is shallow so that you can’t drown when you want to take a shortcut to the other side. The weather in fall is always pleasant so that you can never catch a cold, and the sun in summer never burns your skin, but comforts and warms you, lifts your spirits.

The atmosphere is pleasant. People get along and solve problems that arise instead of creating them. We still work, but more to explore our strengths and get better at what we have a passion for, but we don’t have to. Since I’m doing work and travel, I would be working on my passion: exploring. I would start with a mountain in spring – much like the Alps- the distinct scent of edelweiss prevails. On top of the mountain, I would rest, overlook my journey and make my way into summer.

In the dense forest, I would walk up the river towards the beach. I’d watch the animals in their natural environment. The sun breaks through the thick leaves, the water feels warm on my feet. I advance to the edge of the forest, walk further along a dirt road, which eventually leads to the beach. The sand is almost scorching, and I have to put my shoes back on. I don’t like boats, so in order to progress towards fall, I choose my trusty canoe. I like to paddle in silence.


At the other side of the body of water, the foliage of the trees is as colorful as the rainbow. Its reflection visible as I approach shore. A tire swing is hanging from one of the tree’s branches. I sit and swing for a little while. It’s becoming increasingly cooler, but still pleasant. I take out my scarf and wrap it around my neck. A small shack appears in the middle of the colorful trees. I stop for some cocoa. From here, I can see winter.

I bundle up, complete with snow shoes, and choose the sleigh pulled by snow dogs. What a journey! They run so quickly – the speed feels nice after I spent the main part of the journey on my feet. I stop at a frozen lake and sit down next to a man who’s ice fishing. He offers me some hot soup, and I gladly take it.

Each season has its charm. Essentially, it’s what you make of it – and sometimes, you can’t really do anything, but sit it out and accept things the way they are at that particular time.

That’s what I wish I could’ve said.

But the travel agent probably would’ve responded, “Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that”.

And it’s ok. I can always visit that place in the mind, whenever I feel the need. Tonight, I’ll visit winter.


Day 4 #30DayWritingChallenge : “Write a story/excerpt to include the line “Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that”.


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