Night at the Video Store

She was frantic. Two days left until the big get-together. She couldn’t sleep. It was always like this – the clocks seemed to tick faster and there was not enough time in the day to get everything done. Jen’s husband was sound asleep next to her. She took another cup full of NyQuil – it was only the second one – no harm done. But at least she would get that tingle and be reassured that she would fall asleep within 30 minutes.

In her restless dream, Jen was driving a Prius that was pulled by one of Santa’s reindeer. She had no control over her vehicle, and nobody seemed to hear her – a Prius is silent, especially when pulled by a flying animal.

She was dropped off at the video store – not the parking lot, but literally dropped through the car door. A garland hanging from a pine tree broke her fall. She entered the store and it smelled of peppermint. The popcorn (with movie theater butter) was presented on the shelf to her left. Jen found a picnic basket and continued to shop at the video store. They had everything nowadays.

Their latest obsession were the poison-controlled snacks, like Pringles (and other potato chips), Dr. Pepper, and those chocolate thin-mints. But she couldn’t just serve safe snacks. She had to find something that her guests would like – which is mostly comprised of non-safe items. Although they are all family… She threw a pudding mix into the picnic basket. Suddenly, she remember the kids – they needed something fun: pepper spray gummies. That would keep them silent for a while.

Jen felt a crumpled piece of paper in her pajama pocket – not sure why she wasn’t dressed properly to go grocery shopping at a video store, she pulled out a shopping list. Everything she had, she marked off with a permanent marker – it had to be permanent. Pest-controlled chocolate bars – how could she forget those? You cannot have pepper spray gummies without pest-controlled chocolate bars.

Now, the main course. People needed to eat, not just snack. Especially her mother-in-law. She loved to criticize her. She even intended it, Jen thought. She quickly went through the rest of her list for the healthy things: Peppers, pears, pineapples, parsley, sugar plums (for the pie – from the fairy), peas and papaya (for the pudding).

Nobody likes parsnip, do they? She opted for the pumpkin instead. Maybe she could make soup out of it. Pumpkin-potato soup.

Suddenly, she felt the entire store spin. She thought of the day after the event, and felt dizzy. Jen would need cleaning supplies: Pot scrubbers, pantry cleaner, personal hygiene supplies because she already felt exhausted and sweaty. Pickles! She forgot the pickles. Going back to the first aisle. She grabbed her favorite movie on the way back to the sugar section. The powdered sugar needs to be sprinkled on the painted cookies. Pear-berry crisps can’t hurt either. Her basket wasn’t getting any fuller.

She felt someone behind her – her husband, yelling at her. His voice sounded distant although he was right there, following her. She shouldn’t forget the Polish sweets for the guests. Her kids were tugging at the coat that she was now wearing, begging her for pretzels. The ones with the piment. What is that anyway? No pectin additives though – those are unhealthy.

Jen felt ill. The reindeer was waiting for her at the cash register as she approached the pricey check-out line. The only remedy that would help her now were the tiny pina colada shots handed out by her mother-in-law at the exit.

She awoke and sat straight in bed, her pajamas were soaked. It must have been the NyQuil. At 5 am, she got up, and decided to download a movie in her pajamas. Shopping can wait.



Day 6 #30DayWritingChallenge : Write about a person who would buy all of those items in Day 5.

Thanks a lot, daily writing prompt – there was absolutely nothing I could do with this. Better luck tomorrow!





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