Good to Go

0: Alright, guys, we’re here. It’s a special day, so make sure the sun’s shining, the roads are clear and everyone’s in position. Ok, get ready to scream. Vital signs are good, we can’t see anything yet, but it feels alright. Let’s just give it a little time and see how it goes, alright? Dad looks a little skeptical, but I think he’ll be fine. He’s touching the head and wondering why it moves. Has nobody told him that newborn’s heads are almost formable? Ugh… he’s just having fun… Now we have a cone on our head, great. Stop it!

4: Mom is leaving us in this strange place and we’re not sure if we can make it alone. Let’s just hold on to her leg and scream from the top of our lungs to make sure she knows that she absolutely cannot leave. Oh, now she’s crying. She’s not supposed to be crying. Why is she crying? Just take me home, I don’t care. The other lady just came and wanted to show us this cool toy. We’re not sure if we can trust her yet, but we’ll keep an eye on mom. Not sure how and when, but the board game was so fascinating that we forgot to check on her. She seems to have forgotten to say good-bye.

I still make that face when an omnipresent coffee chain misspells my name…

6: This is nice. We’re playing this game where you get to be with a group of friends and strangers and learn new things. We’re going to be so smart. Oh, they’re announcing another group – I hope that person is not going to be in our group. We don’t know why, but we didn’t like them before. This group is pretty solid, I think we can work with this. Shoulder the satchel, make sure the dress doesn’t wrinkle, and follow the leader to that room and find a seat. Calm down everyone, we’re with friends.

12: So we’ve made a couple of changes, rearranged, redistributed, but I think we’ll be ok. The grown-ups seem to go their separate ways, and we all know why – we’ve been a witness… so let’s just go with it. We feel that the heart wants to go with mom, but the conscience wants to take care of the fatherly side. We have to make a decision here. How about we watch this situation closely for about a year, and then we’ll reconsider?!

14: We made the decision to physically move. Everything is new here, and we are growing exponentially. It might be because of our age, however. Nothing to worry about. After our daily schedule, we work out and play tennis like we used to. This will not only keep us in shape, but develop our social skills. Good plan, I say.

16: Working two jobs is difficult, but it keeps us all going. Especially the guys upstairs. We love the movies, and working in this theater, AND the movie store. How much MORE can you love movies? We should live in a movie theater!!

18: We need to make another decision, guys. Gather ’round. Do we go back or do we stay? The stomach says one thing, but upstairs is where the magic happens – the active decision making. What do we got? Oh look… a boy…

23: We met another boy… and we’ve made another decision. That we probably will regret. But who’s listening to us? Exactly… So we’re in this new city, a different country, once more. And we’ve been out of order for about a week. The food is not agreeing with us, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Two trips to the emergency room, and we’re slowly getting back on track with the electrolytes.

27: Well, wasn’t that nice? We survived… and we moved back to our homeland. Where we know the food, and the people. And we find new people… and things… That brain upstairs is becoming so smart. What are we going to do with all that knowledge?

30: I know… let’s move again. Take a chance. Enjoy life, and ourselves, and what we have.

Today: Inventory-check: Everyone is here, everyone is healthy, everything is working… Checking off the list as I go… Yep, upstairs, it’s whatever you want to do. We’ll be here. Just throw in the odd workout here and there, and… we’re good to go. Thanks, great job everyone so far. Keep it up!


Day 8: Tell your life story from someone else’s point of view (POV of my body – I know… it’s not really someone else, but I thought it was an interesting addition to personify it… Kind of like a “Once Upon a Time… Life” thing).


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