The six is missing

Not a typo. The number six is really missing. The button is not working on my laptop keyboard. Even in the little number square, the only number not working is the 6 (I created a document from which I copy and paste “6” as well as the comma, hyphen, and plus sign). What are the odds? And how annoying is this?! It has been over three years since I’ve held this laptop happily in my arms, and I can already see my IT friend pushing me through the doors of Best Buy and just pick another one because everything else is a waste of time. I’ll get to it. In the meantime, just stick with me.

So, where were we?

Right… It’s been over a year since my last conf…post.

Writing challenges help me stick with my writing. This first one is supposed to be about The furthest away from home you have ever been. And I don’t quite understand.

They say “Home is where the heart is”. Part of my heart remained in LA when I left. And if you’ve ever moved away from a place where your heart felt at home at one point, you know what a challenge it is. It was my choice and at some point, it will all make sense, I promise.

If I consider the place I grew up in my home, then LA was physically the furthest point away from home I have ever been. Ironic, isn’t it? My heart home is also the furthest point from home. Figures. Technically, I like to think it means that I can be home anywhere.

The first month where I am now felt like the furthest I have been away from home. A new place always does. Away from my comfort zone. From my routine. From feeling home. In the meantime, I learned to not put as much emphasis on having to feel at home and equally took off the pressure of having to have a home. Of course, four walls, a roof, food, and people you love and who love you, aid and add to the definition of my home. But it’s the feeling that makes it complete.

Before re-opening this thread, I read through some of the articles and was reminded that it took me almost a year to feel at home in LA. It just takes time. I know that. But, in certain situations and mindsets, you forget. Your people (partner, family, friends) are there to put things in perspective again. And so is time. It’s there for a reason, and that’s a good thing.

There are countless moments when you feel numb and you just sit there, doubting yourself and asking “what the hell am I doing”. Then there’s the next moment. And the next, and the next. And before you know it, this big step and home away from home is part of your life, and part of your story.

And again, I promise, it will all make sense in the end. And I will find my six again.



Day 1


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