An Unexpected Event

An unexpected event can be a writing prompt that you have absolutely nothing to write about.

I could narrate a recent family illness in detail or an unexpected situation I’m in, but I’m not in the mood for “personal writing” tonight. Isn’t all writing personal, though? At least a little.

Someone else may have moved on to another prompt or challenge, but this one is writing something about it, if it’s the last thing I do. It just might be that since I smelled something scorching in the apartment earlier when I turned on the dishwasher. I turned it off, suspecting it may have decided to call it quits after I yanked the dial to “normal”, surpassing “pots and pans” and “heavy”. Angry dishwasher. It wasn’t. It’s an hour later and there is still a scorching scent here and there. So I turned off all the lights. I am writing this in the dark. It still smells. Maybe it’s from the neighbors upstairs — after all, it did sound like a drill they had used earlier to… randomly drill holes in the wall and possibly hitting a cable of some sort. And I ‘m the one dealing with the stench. It was probably our cable.

Maybe not. But not finding the source is unnerving. I must’ve gone outside at least three times to check if maybe the world was burning down and here I am, worried about a dishwasher and indoor lighting. I’m out of knives and forks though. That may pose a problem in the morning. One thing I will NOT do tonight is dishes. I don’t like taking care of them before coffee either… But I’m also not a fan of dirty dishes. You understand my dilemma… Coffee… it might also be the coffee maker. I haven’t cleaned it in a while, and when you think about it… morning coffee grounds in the evening sort of resemble… No, no, they really don’t.

We all deal with unexpected events on a day-to-day basis: The car breaks down (someone else’s of course, who cares), the bus is late (not taking the bus anymore), the coffee got cold or is bad (oh please, not, not the coffee), our ambitious new co-worker is stealing all our clients (I’m sure someone’s going through that), a patron flips you off at a stop sign although you were clearly there first and thus they must yield your right of way, bi***… Hypothetically.

Or you come home and your partner has been grocery shopping (which you hate), brought you flowers (which you love), you receive a check in the mail (itstaxseasonyeih), a call from an old friend (whom you don’t hate, I really do mean “friend”), you get 20 percent off without bringing a coupon. Or you sit down and realize, everyone you love is healthy (or getting there) and happy (or on the way there).

Unexpected events can go either way. If they are bad, they will be bad if we expect them or not. But expecting something good is so much more empowering. Not always easy and not always possible, but we can work on that. I’m trying my very best.

I really, truly hope that I’m not jinxing this whole unexpected-events-should-be-positive notion, as I’m now checking the oven and walking out the front door again. I just want to locate the nearest fire extinguisher… Being positive is good, being prepared helps. Wish me luck.



Day 2


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