We Have Things to Do

Oh, where to start?! Not that I can complain; I have had pretty sweet opportunities in my life, but I also had to pay the price ― everything comes at a price. Exactly according to plan is quite the opposite of how everything went, but life is funny that way, I suppose.

Diving ― scuba diving. At the age of perhaps 10 or 11, my parents and I went on vacation and my opportunity to scuba dive was miserably destroyed by my fear of the unknown. Yes, I made the boat turn around and went straight back to the beach.

Wine tasting ― another one that has always been on my list, but I’ve never gotten around to. Embedded in the California mountains, perhaps Napa Valley; that seems like a good place to start.

Watching the stars ― the ones in the sky as those on the silver screen will always be something I would want to do. Ideally, it would involve a night out in a nice dress, followed by drinks at an after party where we steal ourselves away after an hour because it gets old. Like we do. Like everyone does.

Singing karaoke ― terrifies me, but to me, there are little to no other things that expose you so much at something you really suck at. Imagine that lonely stage up there and lots of drunk people cheering for you. Time to dream!

Origami― never tried it. Needs to be done.

Memory ― translation memory, to be exact. You’d think that as a translator, you’d have most of the words and contexts in your head, but translation memory is a very helpful tool.

Tattoo ― definitely would want to expand on that. Err, it will make more sense once you are done reading this. Really, I promise. Reading a list of what someone wants to do in their life is a challenge as well. As you read on, you compare some things to the things that are on your list. Cheerful or altering, our lists don’t have to compare. Everybody has their preferences.

Ice cave camping ―  like you see in the advertisements. Norway or Sweden offer those, I believe.

Taxidermy ― just kidding. Hey, my love for horror movies and the dark side of things (mostly fiction) only goes so far. Equally passionate as I am about all things Christmas.

Haunted hayrides ― are always on the list. Only before October ― before everyone else gets into the spirit. Little weird, I know. Lost you yet? You may call it crazy. Weird things happen year round. On the streets. Outside your home. Don’t think Halloween is confined to October only…

Halloween party ― always wanted to throw one. I’d have the creepiest house on the street. Little kids would run away screaming. Laughter still prevails though. Sing it with me “trick or treat”.

And by now, you probably think “has she lost it”? No worries, you’re almost there. Don’t give up now.

Dream ― making time to dream is important to me. Really important. I’d like to take only a few minutes a day to dream. Nail down a few things I’d like to accomplish. Know when to stop.

Windsurfing ― or stand-up paddle. I’ve always wanted to do that. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’d like to put this one at the top of my list. Ending up in the water is the least of my concerns.

Whale watching ― done it. Actually, I’d love to go again. Taking a boat still terrifies me. Checking my heart rate every few minutes will be a given. However, it’s how I keep calm. If the sea is not too choppy, I’ll try not to be either. Not sure if I’ll make it. Giving it a try in my head already though.

Taking photos ― and perhaps making a business of it. Having the tools and the eye for something like this is extremely comforting. Every step of the way.

Sunset gazing ― all the way. Understandably and as you may have seen from my Instagram feed, I already do that. No reason to ever stop. Surely, on a cloudy day, one may find something else to do. Every chance I get, I would watch the sun set. Truly, one of the things I would never want to miss.

Thanks for reading this until the end. The first letter of each sentence will give you a new sentence which makes up the essence of my “wish-” or “want list”. Start from the very beginning. Things like “Diving ― scuba diving” count as “D” (from “Diving”). Then “At the age…” means that “A” is the next letter in this word. Each paragraph is the beginning of a new word. Semicolons do not mark the beginning of a new sentence (in this context). 



Day 5: I combined a prompt “The first letter of each sentence spells a message” with “A list of things you fancy doing”. Sneaky, I know ;)



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