Abacda / dedfga

Fleur De Lille, as you start to sound

I remember the anticipation

There were two, and from the beginning, you had us drowned

in your mood

in your perfection

in your darkness… I was found


I walk in the room and there you stand

Pass in my hand and a beat in my heart

Unexpected, needed, and completely unplanned

with your “noise”

and your hat

and your comfort… I thought I’d drowned


It seemed like a dream

Surreal in its essence, as all dreams appear

Whatever I said, seemed less of a scheme

in its meaning

its voice

and its pure being, all around


As I sit with the wings

Overlooking your space, with all that is there

How odd, all the things

that happen

that don’t

that we perceive to be confound


I thank you every day

For the song in my head and the hope that I have

For the beats

the laughs

the looks

all those things that started with just a sound…



Day 6: Poem



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