You’re in My Bubble (INFJ)

I get satisfaction from writing to-do lists and checking them off. And I love when a plan comes together. I dislike that my feelings oftentimes get the better of me and that I have to learn to be more patient.

The first time I took the Myers-Briggs personality test, I just started working as a fitness trainer and our team had fun figuring out which category we would all fit into. Check out the website ( for a thorough description of all types and take the test if you’re curious.

As INFJ, I fall in the “Diplomats” category as the “Advocate”. Sounds exciting, but really it’s just reassuring to know I’m not completely cray sometimes.

We are described as mystical idealists. Oooohh!

In today’s evaluation, I was:

75% introverted (I) (as opposed to extroverted)

74% intuitive (N)  (rather than observant)

64% feeling (F) (as opposed to thinking)

91% judging (J) (rather than prospecting)

Yes to being introvert (mainly and most of the time). However, being introvert does not mean that we’re antisocial or hate people (not more than extroverts at least). It’s more about our source of strength. After a day or a night out or being around people, I need to retreat and be alone (in my bubble). This can mean physically alone in a room or just having my earplugs in, watching a movie, reading a book while listening to music or watching reality TV and enjoying not being part of any drama.

As I spent more time learning the techniques of photography, photo editing, writing, and other creative arts, I learned a great deal about where my strengths are, but mostly, where my passions lie. I have a lot of goals and am very determined, which I used to hate, but learned to love. It’s what makes me get up in the morning and chase my figurative pot of gold.

However, one of the INFJ weaknesses is being sensitive and perfectionistic. Yes, makes you roll your eyes when you hear that at a job interview, doesn’t it? (Ditzy voice: “Umm, yea, sooo, my greatest weakness, is like, being too perfect”). UGH! What a cliché. Here’s the thing: I’ll work on a photo or a piece of writing and I’ll work on it again and again and again until it’s perfect to my standards. I will clean the house and clean after people until it’s perfect in my eyes (in view of current events). We also burn out easily. I can see how this personality can confuse, nay, piss off some people.

In relationships, we “have very low tolerance for inauthenticity”. A genuine personality and connection is something we crave and appreciate. I don’t believe anyone craves the opposite, but I think not everyone is as appalled by it as we are. It’s not like every person is an open book to us, but I would say we are more sensitive to and not as tolerant of people being inauthentic.

The career part has been the most difficult for me, maybe other INFJ’s can relate… Most profiles have a career cut out for them, and apparently, so do INFJ’s: Cold-­call sales are not part of it, as I read in the above posted link. Good thing I didn’t do as many cold calls as I said I did in my last job. I hate cold calls. But I’m still glad I had that job and it helped me find out what I like to do and what not so much. “Oftentimes the best way for Advocates to achieve [happiness at the job] is to not have to answer to others’ rules at all – to be their own boss, […].“ Figures. I’m afraid of the “stable” jobs (like working in an office for a corporation) because I don’t want to be confined. Now I’m figuring out how to create a living being my own boss. But, all in due time. I like the challenge of finding my way.


Day 14: What is your MBTI personality? And what do you love/hate about it?


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