Subway by Day, Tapas by Night

When you get to move around a bit in the world, you have the privilege of diving into different cultures. I love travelling and trying different “lives” on for size for a while. There are quite a few things I miss from my “previous lives”. But it wouldn’t have been worth it if I didn’t have to leave it. Obviously, Los Angeles was my previous and will be my next destination (so God or Higher Forces will), so the following memories will center on other locations. I refuse to make something a memory that isn’t over.

Cologne, Germany

The summer of 2009 was a memorable one. I had just been on vacation with a man I had looked up to for years and who ended things (have you kept up with this blog?). I studied hard for my tests and just received positive results right before our Uni summer break. Michael Jackson had just passed and with things like that, you always know exactly where you are. I just realized now that this was all in one summer. I was in line at a Subway Restaurant in Cologne and a man stood behind me. I turned around and the resemblance to MJ was uncanny. I kid you not- it could have been him. So you understand my surprise when he ordered his sub in English. I know I should’ve left running, but curiosity killed this cat…  He had the same soft voice, the mirror aviator glasses, curly hair and fragile built. He has risen, I thought. Of course I was curious and we started talking and got drinks at a place across the street. Turns out, he’s one the most famous professional MJ impersonators. We continued to talk and a friendship developed.

What I miss is that feeling of walking down the street in Cologne, comfortable and proud of myself (for the grades I received) and attracted what I needed (or who needed me) at the time. During that summer, I also got to know my upstairs neighbor Eva (I mentioned her in a previous post about some saucy photos we took at one point). We spent those summer evenings with pizza, wine and Desperate Housewives. It was a great summer.

Madrid, Spain

I had an apartment right next to the Plaza de España at the Plaza de los Cubos, overlooking a park and tremendous sunsets every day. Living in a Spanish metropolis certainly had its ups: I loved the smell of tapas and olive oil at  night. I was on the 12th floor and always left the windows open when I went to bed. The voices echoing off the building walls once people started going out (which is around 11 PM in Spain), provided a safe sleep atmosphere. It made me feel like being part of the scene without physically having to be part of it. But I also loved having visitors over and showing them around. We visited the Templo de Debod with its fountain and a great scenic view. We went bar hopping for Chupitos and would get very drunk on the first night. We didn’t go out any night after that, so the first one had to be all that.

When I still lived in the Residencia with 26 Spanish girls, I came out of my shell and went out with a couple of girls almost every weekend. I miss those days. It’s been 10 years.


Travelling and leaving my comfort zone has given me so many opportunities to make memories. I miss a lot of things from my childhood and from Germany. And especially in my current situation (which I will get to write about hopefully soon), I miss my family and friends like crazy. But I’m also extremely excited. About new things to come, new people to meet, new places to see (maybe even within a place I already know ;) ) and new memories to make. Life’s exciting.


Day 17: Something that you miss


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