IMG_5348I translate, I write, I run, I pump, I explore, I enjoy, I search, I find, and I get to share it here.

Born and raised in Germany, I’m one of many many transplants that make up the US of A. Most of my blog entries will be in English, the occasional one will be in German if the mood and circumstances require it… there are some things that just cannot be conveyed the same way in another language. Although I’m a translator… I should know better.

I have an MA in Specialized Translation; I love languages, writing, travelling, and photography. I enjoy 90’s TV sitcoms, shows (mostly comedy)/ show recordings, Universal studios is my second home, Horror movies are my go-to and Halloween is my Christmas.

Please leave your feedback, comments, opinion, suggestions, emoticons, footprints, cards, belt buckles, wipe your feet, make it rain, whatever tickles your fancy or just enjoy the ride. Happy reading!


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